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Document Automation

Save Time And Money

By Building Automation Around Managing Your Documents

At Custom Document Solutions, we design automated workflows that help you guide your documents to where they need to go eliminating the hours it takes to manually organize, share, email or distribute documents to your team. You can create worfklows That Automatically:

Read And Recoginize Specific Information

Map out what the system needs to look for like a customer name or an invoice number.

Organize And Save Documents

Program where documents need to go based on the workflow and how they should be named.

Share Documents With Your Team

Automatically provide access to new documents and distribute them among your team

Monitor Folders For Documents To Be Added To Worflow Queues

Set specialty folders to be monitored and workflows to run when items are added

Don’t Let Your Document  Solution Control How You Do Business Due To Limitations

Let Custom Document Solutions find the right solution that will work for you and your business.

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